Snail’s Pace

Another sunny day, another day of social distancing and another day of ‘stay at home’ except to exercise.

There is much concern about the impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing of social distancing and isolation, amidst health, employment and financial concerns and so much uncertainty.

My antidote to all things stressful is to get out on my bike but whether it’s on your bike, walking or running, being outdoors has taken on a whole new level of freedom that many of us had previously taken for granted.

We are so lucky to live a few minutes from glorious countryside where social distancing is easy to achieve, so John and I cycled some local hills, enjoying a slow, mindful pace or so I thought! On reflection, I enjoyed a slow, mindful pace, enjoying the fresh air, the tranquility, the wind on my face, the sights and sounds of the countryside and the quiet roads, deserted except for a few fellow cyclists or walkers. John enjoyed the cycle but despite his patience, was a little frustrated by the slow pace and is keen to go out alone tomorrow for a ‘proper’ cycle!

1 thought on “Snail’s Pace”

  1. It was a very mindful cycle. I am happy enjoying the experience of cycling on routes which are significantly less busy. The fine weather makes all of the difference. I am still faintly hopeful that we will be doing the Raid, if not as planned, slightly later in the year. So……..whilst we can enjoy, I still have some focus on training. I simply refuse to let slip the, at times, hard winter training we have all endured to give us a chance of success. The feeling of fitness and achievement is a great thing, the cause is the ultimate motivator. It is sobering in these difficult times, rightly dominated by COVID-19, that we remember that through this, many are continuing to live with their own personal challenges, Parkinson’s being an obvious one to mention. Chapeau to all the Raiders whatever happens.


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