Mission Accomplished

100 Mile Monday

We’ve often said “If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen’ but despite only recording half my ride, my aching limbs are testament to the fact that I did indeed complete a 100 mile ride yesterday.

With a ride time of 7.5 hours and an average speed of 21.5km, it was a good effort but I wasn’t alone in my efforts. Our original 100 Mile Monday team grew into four distinct teams:

Team 1 – The First Timer Team

This was always going to be a tough one for Alison, Paula, Julia, Christine and Kate. With only two 100 mile days between us, this was a first for most of the team. Particularly so for Kate, who doesn’t cycle and so had to borrow a bike! Despite our lack of 100 mile credentials, we never doubted that we would do it. Not only that, we did it our way: as flat as possible (I know, Julia, except for the hilly bits!!) in great spirits, with great humour, a great many stops and some might say (some may not), with great style! What a fantastic achievement.

Team 2 – The Hilly Hundred Team

With a steely determination to conquer a few significant hills within their 100 miles, Caroline and Paul were spotted briefly at the foot of Cleeve Hill at 8am when those of us who were daunted enough by 100 miles without hills opted for the flatter route and went around the hill rather than over it. This was a tactic we planned to adopt throughout the day. Regular updates from Caroline and Paul by WhatsApp kept us informed of their progress, punctures and punishing hill climbs.

Team 3 – The Pro Team

John, John, John, Dave and Malcolm, the fastest of the 100 Mile teams set off later in the morning, only to overtake the First Timer Team by our first stop of the day and arrive back some significant time ahead of us.

Team 4 – The Socially Distanced Team

Taking social distancing to the extreme, Ewan did his first 100 miles ‘with us’ from 450 miles away! Definitely with us in spirit, and with regular updates, very much one of our team.

It was an extremely hot day for all of us except Ewan (East Coast Scotland!), and as is my experience with these wonderful people, we all completed our respective 100 miles with much humour, a few saddle sores and great team spirit.

Well done team!

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