Social Distancing the Scenic Way

Views from Walks or Cycles Around Gloucestershire in 2020

I’m grateful that even during months of lockdown, we have always been able to exercise outdoors. I’m grateful we live in such a beautiful area where social distancing can require no effort at all. I’m grateful that, whatever the weather, we ventured outside and took the time to enjoy it all. Have a lovely day, whatever the weather. x

5 thoughts on “Social Distancing the Scenic Way”

  1. Love your pictures Alison. A lovely area to be able to walk or cycle around and see its Beauty. Thank you for sharing. Take care and Stay Safe sending love ❤❤

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  2. Lovely photo’s Alison, so beautiful especially the snow on the tree at the top of Cleve Hill. Hope it won’t be long before we can be allowed to see you all xx

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