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Blogging seemed a good way to publicise a charity cycle from Vietnam to Cambodia with a group of friends who became affectionately known as The Cyclopaths. Still chronicling my cycle training and challenges, four years on, this blog now also offers insights into my experience of living with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. By doing so, I hope to promote an understanding and provide an easy opening to a conversation about the trials, tribulations and the occasional triumphs of living with Parkinson’s.

Blog Posts

Training with a Difference

Image Source: We’re celebrating my mum’s 80th birthday this week and so I’m staying in the seaside town of Monifieth where I grew up. It’s lovely to spend time with family and friends but I am also aware that I can’t afford to miss a week’s training for our…

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Endure or Enjoy?

Training for the Bike to Barcelona challenge has been ongoing throughout the winter period. Now, with only four months to go, it’s time to ramp up the duration, the distances, the frequency and hopefully, the fun. Last week, in addition to indoor training, I cycled 40km through the gorgeous Gloucestershire…

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Brighton to Barcelona

With only 138 days to go, it feels like the right time to introduce the Brighton to Barcelona team. We are a group of 20 cyclists plus our guide. We will set off on 16th June this year and cycle an average of 106km each day until reaching Barcelona on…

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New Year, New Challenge

Fabulous artwork by the very fabulous Jonny Acheson ( I love a challenge and thrive on the planning, preparation and training that goes with each new one. It gives me a sense of being in control – even if I’m not, challenges my brain and body – which can only…

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Film ’22

Barry Norman, I most definitely am not but a film critic I have found myself becoming this week. And, what an exciting week it has been for those of us living with Parkinson’s who love nothing more than to indulge in a spot of symptom comparison with others. Two TV…

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It All Adds Up

Today, my blog received its 10,000th view this year. Before I get carried away, I acknowledge that this falls quite short of the 5 million views required to officially become a viral TikTok sensation. A mere 4,990,000 views short to be precise. Oh, and it took me nine months to…

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Jumping to Conclusions

I recently attended my local hospital for a test. Slightly anxious at the prospect and my medications not working their best, I sat in the waiting room, fidgety and shaky. I struck up a conversation with the only other person in the waiting room. Despite the noise of the television,…

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‘Old’ Friends

Image Source: Bright/Kauffman/Crane I met a friend for coffee recently. Our conversation flowed easily, we were both relaxed in each other’s company and we talked like ‘old’ friends. We shared a deep understanding of the many challenges we each face while living with Parkinson’s before we had even started to…

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Reflections of The Raid Alpine

Exercise, the only thing that has been shown to delay disease progression in Parkinson’s, should, in theory, be easy to commit to doing on a daily basis. Yet at times it can still be difficult to find the motivation to exercise, particularly on a cold, wet, windy winter’s day. In…

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Rory’s Reflections

Reflections – The Raid Alpine 2022 by Rory Chappell I was part of the support crew for a group of five cyclists as they took on The Raid Alpine. 770km long. Over 18,000m of climb. Geneva to Nice. I had never even heard of such a challenge, nor would I…

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