In the six years since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s at the age of 46, I have learned that living with a progressive, degenerative, neurological condition not only brings physical challenges, it brings emotional and psychological challenges too. Indeed, Parkinson’s brings challenges to every aspect of life. Parkinson’s increasingly becomes an inextricable part of my life as it continues to weave its way into my every day being. There is no way to separate the two. However, it would be unfair of me to suggest that, in my experience, all of the consequences of living with Parkinson’s have been negative. I have had some fantastic experiences too as I strive to live my best life with this condition.

This blog is my perspective on the challenges faced and how I deal with them. Many of the challenges are out of my control, hurdles to be overcome. A number of the challenges, however, are entirely self inflicted and have have proved to be an effective coping mechanism for me.

I hope this blog promotes an understanding and provides an easy opening to a conversation about the trials, tribulations and the occasional triumphs of living with Parkinson’s