And then there was one

Before the weekend storms draw in, John A, Roland, Caroline, John W. and I set out on a cycle together today. ‘Together’ being a term applied in the loosest possible way!

John W and I slogged our way to the top of Sudeley Hill, with gradients of up to 18% over 2.5km, then realised the others were nowhere in sight.

John A, worried by our disappearance, had gone all the way back down Sudeley Hill, looking for us, only to have to climb it all over again. I was touched by his concern and of course his desire to ensure that his Strava stats put him towards the top of this week’s leaderboard!

Work commitments determined everyone’s departure time, Roland first, while the rest of us enjoyed coffee and cake in Broadway. John A next, managing to increase his Strava stats further by finding himself almost in Evesham at one point!

Caroline peeled off at Stanway and John W did the same at Winchcombe. I took a slow pace up and over Cleeve Hill, due to the strong winds and arrived home mid afternoon.

Our Strava stats show us setting off together but taking different routes, at different speeds to arrive home at different times!

‘Together’ was definitely a term applied in the loosest possible way today!

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