One of Those Days

Cold, wet, windy, hailstones, headache, hangover, tired, torturously slow…….

On reflection I was wise to go out alone, I wouldn’t have kept up with the Sunday morning group today. Today’s effort is definitely not one to dwell on, so, I got to thinking……

So far this year, I have cycled 1060km, burning approximately 34,000 calories. It sounds like a lot but as I haven’t shed a single pound in weight since Christmas, I started to wonder what 34,000 of my favourite foods might look like!

150 Mars Bars, 56 Bottles of wine, 1554 jelly babies, 455 Lindt chocolate balls or 113 Slices of cake!

I suspect it was the regular cake stops and the emergency jelly babies!

I could have done other activities to burn the same calories:

596 hours talking, 59 hours in the gym, 53 hours boxing, 60 hours dancing, 81,000 hours sleeping, 167 hours walking, 130 hours walking and talking!

But none as fun as cycling…….

I clearly need to exercise more and eat less to get ready for The Alps, 119 days to go and counting and every one of these days will count.

3 thoughts on “One of Those Days”

  1. Some truths for us all. Better to lose a bit now and reap the rewards pedalling uphill or is it up-mountain, in the Summer. Sadly social cycling does usually involve a great stop for a drink and cake (or similar). Maybe in training mode, more cycling and less cake??

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