Even in these difficult times, I have found a lot to be grateful for this week.

I am grateful beyond words that my Dad is recovering well following his heart surgery.

I’m grateful for the skill, expertise and dedication of the doctors, nurses and all the other NHS staff who made this possible during such challenging times.

I’m grateful that my Dad had is surgery before the demand on ITU beds and ventilators overwhelms the NHS.

I’m grateful that he should be well enough to be home before the surge in demand for NHS services. Home has to be the safest place for him as soon as he is able. His bed, ventilator and the highly trained staff who have cared for him when he needed it most will then be available for others when they need it most.

I’m grateful for the support of family and friends in so many ways, always.

In such stressful times, it is even more important that we take a breath, calm the mind and be grateful for what we have.

4 thoughts on “Gratitude”

  1. We are grateful to you too Alison, always Inspiring and a calming influence in stressful times, thank you, Aunty Marg xx


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