Family Time

With the go ahead from Boris to leave the house once a day to exercise, I yet again opted to cycle.

None of my three boys are particularly keen cyclists. There are frequent mumblings that parental obsessions with all things cycling may have put off any budding Bradley Wiggins in our family!

So it was wonderful when Rory enthusiastically agreed to join me. Three days of social distancing clearly does strange things to teenagers!

We thoroughly enjoyed a sunny, easy paced cycle over 26km in lovely countryside. There were lots of cyclists out and lots of families out walking and taking. I can’t help but wonder if we might as a nation become a little fitter and a little more in tune with each other as a consequence of this period of social distancing. It would be good to think that some positives might unfold over time.

4 thoughts on “Family Time”

  1. What a beautiful day. Rory makes you look tiny ! I’m sure enforced time at home will ultimately have many benefits .


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