Training Stats

During 2020, I’ve done three months of hard, hilly cycle training: 37 cycle rides, most of which I’ve arrived home exhausted from, nearly 102 hours (moving time) covering a distance of 1782km and climbing 22,200m of hills and yet…..

I’ve climbed just over twice the height and twice the distance that we need to do in the six days of The Raid Alpine.

A little context

Had I not returned home after each cycle, I could have reached Slovenia, Budapest, Stockholm, Madrid or Krakow on my bicycle by now.


I have cycled the height of all the following mountains combined:

Ben Nevis – 1,345m

Image Source: Wikipedia

Snowdon – 1,085m

Image Source: Indépendante

Kilimanjaro – 5895m

Image Source: Britannica

Machu Picchu – 2430m

Image Source: Indépendante

Mont Blanc – 4810m

Image Source: Britannica

Matterhorn – 4478m

Image Source: Wikipedia

Mount Olympus – 2918m

Image Source: Independant

Yes! All of these combined….

I’m very aware with the current pandemic, we are likely to at least have to postpone this challenge, although we haven’t had this confirmed yet. So, while cycling in the great outdoors is still permitted, albeit solo, rather than in a group, I’d best keep training…….

3 thoughts on “Training Stats”

  1. I think it’s taken those pictures for me to finally understand what an enormous challenge you have ahead of you Al!

    I’m keeping everything crossed that it’ll go ahead and have no doubt whatsoever that you’ll smash it! Xxx



  2. Wow, that’s amazing when you see all those mountains 🏔. Impressive. Keep up the good work 🚴‍♀️


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