Cycling ‘Together’

Anyone who cycles with us knows that when we cycle in a group, John and I rarely see each other. My average speed is half John’s average speed. He is fiercely competitive and thrives on the challenge of being the fastest, going the furthest and climbing more hills than anyone else. Usually all three together! A 40km cycle inevitably turns into 65km and a 65km route easily becomes 100km as he pushes himself further. I simply cannot keep up and it’s no fun trying and continually failing!

Currently, we can either exercise outdoors alone or with people we live with, so our choices are limited. We can either cycle alone or ‘together’. Worried that cycling ‘together’ would actually mean cycling ‘alone’, I ventured out with John yesterday.

He valiantly stayed in front, keeping the worst of the wind off me while I practised drafting behind. He waited at junctions while I caught up and for most of the journey we were within a few metres of each other. Usually with me trying hard to keep up and John trying hard to resist the temptation to disappear off into the distance. Until that was, the last few miles of our planned route when the lure of home tempted me one direction and few more hills tempted John the other direction!

A beautiful day for a cycle, a lovely route and good company for the parts of the ride we did ‘together’!

1 thought on “Cycling ‘Together’”

  1. Well done Quincy – brilliant effort!! And well done Al for what would no doubt have been a long, hard, hilly and fast ride – you’re amazing! Xxx



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