Long Overdue

It’s been a long time since I last posted. This blog black hole has been mainly because it was recently confirmed that The Raid Alpine challenge has sadly been postponed and won’t happen this year.

Given that the majority (in fact, possibly all) of my blogs have been about training for this challenge, there seemed little to write about.

On reflection, there is LOTS AND LOTS to write about, I just struggled to find the motivation amidst my disappointment.

Because of the Coronavirus lockdown, much of my recent cycling had been alone. This is nowhere near as much fun as cycling with friends and surely cannot be anywhere near as much fun to read about.

So many people have asked about my training and my plans now the challenge is postponed and have asked me to keep them updated.

So many people are facing terrible hardships as a result of the Coronavirus and subsequent lockdown that it seems insensitive for me to moan about not being able to do a cycle challenge.

I’m generally not a ‘moaner’ and a little ‘normality’ during such surreal times, would be welcomed by me and hopefully by others too.

So I’m back at the blog…..Watch this space……….

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