Guidelines and Goals

After weeks of cycling solo, the government guidelines have changed and with the change, I’ve found a new motivation to clock up those miles. My goal? To cycle 300km this week with friends whilst keeping within the slightly more relaxed Covid exercise guidelines.

My first cycle of the week, was a 50km round trip in lovely sunshine with a friend. Mindful, relaxing and so lovely. Sitting uncomfortably in a field, two metres apart, for our ‘coffee’ stop, it was evident, it doesn’t really matter where you are, it is the people you are with who make it special.

Tuesday, I clocked up another 100km with a friend who we often refer to as Tigger because of his endless energy. Thrilled that I could keep up with him for much of the 100km and thrilled to have great company along the route.

A day to recover, then a cycle to and from The Jolly Nice to meet another friend. A wonderful route through Cotswold villages while we chatted. Only a slight easing of the restrictions on meeting people outside our own household but such a huge impact it has had on me to be able to meet up with friends again.

And finally for this week, to take me over my 300km goal, a 60km cycle with John in the late afternoon sunshine.

Clearly, there is much more to cycling than simply riding a bike! Thank you to all you wonderful people who helped me reach my goal and made this week so much fun.

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