New Day, New Start…….

After giving myself a severe talking to, having received many lovely messages of encouragement and support following my ‘CBA’ blog and with a ray of sunshine sneaking through the clouds, I finally donned my cycling gear for the first time this year and got on my bike.

Now, I’d like to give glowing reports but it was a bit cold, a bit hard work, a bit far and a bit wet. I was bit slow, a bit sore and a bit off balance but other than that it was perfect start to this year’s training!

Thanks to John who came with me ‘for a little warm up’ before doing some ‘proper exercise’. A very sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who took the time to message me. I have been really touched by your support, encouragement and suggestions to help find my ‘get up and go’ again.

I cycled 36km, was outdoors for two hours, came home wrapped myself up with the dog and a blanket and slept for the following two hours but most importantly, it has given me the kick start I needed. I realise it will take more than one ride to get back on track, so I have a goal (more about this another day), I’m making a plan and in the absence of anything else in my lockdown diary, I have no excuse!

PS: Mum

For a ‘bit off balance’ I mean just a bit wobbly setting off. Not the ‘in danger of falling in front of other road users’ kind of off balance. So you can sleep well tonight. x

5 thoughts on “New Day, New Start…….”

  1. I think your last blog resonated with so many with and without medical issues. Chapeau for yesterday, very enjoyable run out. Many cyclists out which gives you another lift, knowing like minded individuals are out there. Keep positive, keep strong, keep cycling. x

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  2. Have only just read your blog so I did sleep well last night. Thanks for the PS:though, I had a little chuckle to myself. I always say to the grandkids”MIND HOW YOU GO same applies to you xxxxxx

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  3. Brilliant! Well done. You can do this, and for the days that you can’t, just don’t – without feeling guilty. Xx


  4. Sorry I missed your CBA entry – just read it . I think we’re all feeling a little CBA at the moment . It’s fair enough – covid times, dull dark weather and it’s warmer inside !! Well done you for getting on your bike today – you’re braver than me . You’re one of the most determined people I know and I have no doubt after a very short rest period you will be pounding the hills again. Be a bit kind to yourself. But how about a walk sometime this week ? Xxxx

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