‘Phone a Friend’

In my efforts to get back into an exercise routine, I arranged to cycle with a friend earlier this week. I have cycled many, many times with this friend, including the 1053 miles route we rode from Land’s End to John O’Groats a couple of years ago. We have cycled in every conceivable weather condition and we would usually consider ourselves quite hardy. However, we made our arrangement with a ‘weather permitting’ caveat. To be fair, to my friend, this was my suggestion. I still haven’t quite got back into my ‘loving exercise’ mindset.

When I woke early on Tuesday morning, I could hear the wind and rain. By 8am, the rain had stopped but the trees in my garden were still swaying in the wind. Worried that the weather might improve more and I would have no excuse, I phoned my friend. ‘What a shame’, I said, ‘it looks a bit too windy for a cycle today’. ‘I’ll be at yours for 10am’, she replied.

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So, I dressed accordingly but was still feeling a little reluctant. We set off at 10am and I was back home by 12.30pm. An easy paced, thoroughly enjoyable, 40km completed. It was windy but not too windy. It didn’t rain until after we’d got back, the roads were relatively quiet and the company great. It was perfect! I’ve done something that is good for me, I’ve achieved something, I enjoyed the chat, and we had a few laughs. I feel better for it in mind and in body.

Left to my own devices, I would have made an excuse and not gone out on my bike. Making a commitment to a friend, meant that I didn’t back out and as always, I thoroughly enjoyed being back on my bike. It’s so much more fun with company. ‘Phoning a friend’ can be a very effective strategy, when it comes to making and keeping a commitment to exercise.

2 thoughts on “‘Phone a Friend’”

  1. I like your friend! 😉 We should all have – and be – that sort of person, as often as we’re able. I have been both and either way, it ends with a smile! X

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