A Little Lockdown Laughter…..

For a Christmas gift, I had ordered each of my three boys a personalised calendar for 2021. The calendar featured Willow, our dog. As everyone’s favourite family member, I was certain this would be a hit. I carefully chose twelve of the best photographs I had of Willow and uploaded these to Photobox. Photobox had duly transformed these electronic images into a lovely calendar with a new page and a new picture of Willow for every month of 2021.

The calendars were indeed very well received but they, rather surprisingly, sent all three of my boys into fits of laughter. It wasn’t quite the response I had expected and I couldn’t understand what the hilarity was about until they managed to tell me, between their laughter, that lovely though each photo was, February’s photo was not actually of Willow!

In fact, we have no idea who’s dog it is but February’s dog doesn’t look remotely like Willow and even without my spectacles on, I thought I might have spotted the difference!

Of course, now that we have reached February, there is the opportunity for me to be the butt of the jokes again and the humour continues. ‘Are you sure you’ve brought the right dog home from the park Mum?’ ‘Don’t forget your specs, Mum, or you might bring the wrong dog home with you.’ ‘Mum, the dog looks different today……’

My error hasn’t helped in anyway to convince my family that my brain can function at a reasonably normal level but the laughter which this gift has caused will ensure it is remembered for a long time to come and a little lockdown laughter has lifted all our spirits……..

5 thoughts on “A Little Lockdown Laughter…..”

  1. Love the write up. You have 2 very cute dogs. lol maybe they will meet one day………Always good to have those laughs….that will continue to be talked about down the road. Memories. ❤❤

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  2. Hi lovely story – reminds me of when a friend offered to bring in our horse from the field to be fed and stabled. Luckily someone spotted it was not our horse in the stable and rang us up. Needless to say our friend has been ribbed endlessly since then! Best wishes Les

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