Credit Where Credit Is Due

Frequently and at some length, I bemoan the shortcomings of my slightly wonky brain and body. Enough! Credit where credit is due – some achievements they have each independently or jointly completed since lockdown first started a year ago. Understanding the challenge they face to simply chop vegetables, set up a chess board, use a pair of scissors, hold a paintbrush with a steady hand, or remember three items from the shopping list left at home, I’m proud of them both!

Brain and Body Achievements

  • Completed a third course of Bridge lessons
  • Played chess daily and won a respectable number of games
  • The undisputed Queen at Scrabble and Bananagrams
  • Stripped, sanded, stained, varnished and reupholstered numerous pieces of furniture
  • Hung gallery picture wall with pinpoint accuracy

As well as cycling 5650km, walking the dog over 500km and publishing 85 blogs.

Credit where credit’s due, I’m very proud of my slightly wonky body and brain but this is not about me. This is, about showing what is possible in the hope that it helps those earlier on in their Parkinson’s journey.

Images Source: Clip Art Library

6 thoughts on “Credit Where Credit Is Due”

  1. PS Mum has take a day off from worrying, tomorrow we can meet up outside officially! Blue skies and sunshine and and all is well with my Bairns what is there to worry about? Tomorrow is another day! Xxx

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