Strangely Delighted!

I feel strangely delighted today having read the results of my most recent cognitive assessment. The results identified some areas where my cognitive ability ‘fell below the expected range’. Thank heavens! I’m not going mad, I haven’t imagined it, there is actually a problem, a small one but none the less, a tangible, real problem. An explanation for what I have been experiencing.

My cognitive shortcomings in question relate to visual spatial function, verbal reasoning and verbal learning. Ha ha! I knew it! Exactly as described in these recent blogs:

Thankfully not sufficient a problem to get in the way of my doing what I want to do (except parallel park at first attempt) but sufficient a problem to explain the things that I have noticed difficulty with in recent months. These difficulties, on the whole go unnoticed by others despite my being acutely aware of them. On one hand I’m grateful that I can manage to keep these shortcomings discreetly to myself. At other times I want to shout out an explanation, when for example I’m trying to reverse down a narrow country lane and the driver in the oncoming car is getting impatient because this takes me longer than might be reasonably expected.

The visible symptoms that many people associate with Parkinson’s are just the tip of the iceberg. They form only a very small part of the overall complexities of living with Parkinson’s. I share my experiences to raise awareness, to promote discussion and to reassure others with similar experiences that they are not alone.

PS Mum, don’t worry, I also had a range of cognitive skills and abilities falling within normal limits and I am pretty confident I can still beat you at scrabble……

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