‘Happy’ Anniversary?

Six years ago today I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It’s not like a birthday or wedding anniversary to be celebrated with balloons and banners but it is an anniversary nevertheless. One that is imprinted on my being in indelible ink.

I received a message yesterday from a friend, Paul, whose ninth anniversary was yesterday. He said ‘I’m proud of how I’ve responded, I’m still here and life is good.’ This made me think about how important our attitude is and how much it influences our behaviour and our quality of life.

I have written previously about understanding the sentiment of battling or fighting Parkinson’s but how the terminology itself makes me feel exhausted. I have always had an aversion to being described as suffering from Parkinson’s. Preferring to be described as ‘living my best’ or ‘living well’ with Parkinson’s.

I could feel sorry for those having to ‘endure’ (another of these words to which I have an aversion) Parkinson’s but this doesn’t reflect my experience of the Parkinson’s community at all. The words that spring to mind when I think of my peers are words such as inspirational, resilient, determined, motivated, courageous, selfless and pretty damned amazing. I’m proud to be part of such a positive, engaged and united global community.

‘Being positive doesn’t mean ignoring the negative. Being positive means overcoming the negative. There’s a very big difference between the two.’ (Source: Unknown)

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4 thoughts on “‘Happy’ Anniversary?”

  1. It’s just something we have to work through. Everyone has some stone or other in their shoe; this is ours. (Doesn’t mean it isn’t rubbish. But dwelling on that doesn’t help).

    I’ve just noticed the dual meaning in your website url. On decent weather days it’s the ramblings of a cyclopath. When it rains, you can be the rambling sofa cyclopath. Neat.

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