During the current heatwave, many of us are feeling uncomfortably hot much of the time and that’s certainly my experience over the last few days.

Being of a certain age, like many other women, I also have the joys of hot flushes to contend with. I could blame the heatwave. I could blame the menopause. I could blame global warming. I would probably be right on all three counts but in truth, I seem to spend much of my time uncomfortably hot, regardless of the weather or my hormones.

Of course, not wanting to be left out, Parkinson’s has something to contribute too, causing problems with the part of the nervous system which controls how much we sweat. This can lead to excessive sweating. Much like the menopause, this can happen without warning and can be particularly problematic at night.

I read with interest and exasperation recently that in addition to night sweats, the excessive sweating due to Parkinson’s is most likely to occur when medication is most effective – the ‘on’ periods and also when medication is least effective – the ‘off’ periods. Add to this a few menopausal hot flushes and an outside air temperature of 32 degrees and that doesn’t leave me much free time!

There is nothing pleasant about sweating profusely, so I smiled when I saw the image below.

And from now on, I will think of it as sparkling…

Thankfully, the heatwave will pass within a few days, the menopause within a few years and I know I can rely on Parkinson’s to keep me sparkling indefinitely!

Image Sources: ClipArt Library

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