BBC Breakfast

When asked if I was interested in taking part in a short film about living with Parkinson’s, to be shown on BBC Breakfast television, I didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’. Perhaps unexpected for someone who is very self conscious of their Parkinson’s symptoms.

In case nerves set in and I needed reminded of my rationale for quite literally putting myself under the spotlight, I jotted down a list of reasons why this was a positive thing to do and there were lots:

  • I wanted to help raise awareness of Parkinson’s on behalf of the 145,000 people in the UK living with the life changing consequences of this neurodegenerative condition
  • Cure Parkinson’s were involved in the project and I wanted to support the great work they do
  • We were to be interviewed by Mike Tindall, a Patron of Cure Parkinson’s (and of course, a sporting legend)
  • It was an opportunity to challenge the myth that Parkinson’s is solely a disease of the elderly
  • My fellow WPC Ambassador, Omotola, would be there and it’s always great to see her
  • It was an opportunity to meet others affected by Parkinson’s and to hear their stories
  • I could spend the day doing something a little different with my eldest son, Callum
  • The prospect of being filmed for television was quite exciting!

It was a serious task and obviously a serious subject. The feedback suggests we achieved our aim of raising awareness of Parkinson’s, how it affects people of all ages, how it affects family members and how the disease impacts each of us in different ways. Click here to view the film.

David Murray, Omotola Thomas, Mike Tindall, Alison Anderson, Amarpal Harrar

However, not one to take life too seriously all of the time, when filming finished, it was great to show that life can still be spontaneous and fun too!

PS Mum, don’t worry, the horse wasn’t going anywhere!

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