Thank You!

Time to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone who supported me to do the Raid Alpine challenge.

A HUGE ‘thank you’ to John Anderson, John Wilkinson, Roland Valori and Claire Lehman for embracing this colossal challenge, all the training involved and for making it a wonderful adventure.

To Callum Anderson and Rory Chapell, our fantastic support crew throughout the challenge. It was great to share the adventure with you both. Thank you for your hard work, patience and encouragement and for going above and beyond for us all. We most definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

To Rory and Kieran for holding the fort at home, looking after Willow and for all your encouragement and support during the long months of training. We might be able to have a conversation now that doesn’t involve the word ‘cycling’!

To Neil and Jane who joined us for a few days, for embracing the experience and adding to the fun factor. Thank you both so much, it was great to have you join us.

To so many friends and family who have followed our progress and whose messages and words of encouragement, love and support made such a difference, particularly when the going got tough.

A particular thanks to Ali Ferris, for your daily words of encouragement and hilarious Gif’s, each and everyone spurred me on.

To everyone who donated so generously to our fundraising for Cure Parkinson’s. We’ve raised nearly £5,000.

To the wonderful team at Cure Parkinson’s for your all of your support.

For the superhuman effort of the team who did the challenge in six days to raise funds for Cure Parkinson’s – what an incredible achievement. It was great to celebrate with you all.

To everyone who trained with me and made it fun. You helped me clock up many more miles than I would otherwise have done and I needed them! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

To Auntie Jill for providing enough delicious homemade cakes and shortbread to feed a small army – we ate them all and loved every mouthful!

To those of you I’ve never met but who have sent messages of support – thank you, every single message helped spur me on.

To John, for making me believe I could do this and for your unwavering support and patience.

And finally, an apology to my Mum for the worry factor involved in this particular challenge, you can relax now!

Image Source: ClipArt Library

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