It All Adds Up

Today, my blog received its 10,000th view this year.

Before I get carried away, I acknowledge that this falls quite short of the 5 million views required to officially become a viral TikTok sensation. A mere 4,990,000 views short to be precise. Oh, and it took me nine months to achieve this, rather than the 3 – 7 days stipulated by TikTok. At this rate it will take me another 375 years to reach 5,000,000 million views by which time I will be 428 years old. Clearly, there is no threat of me knocking Zach King off his Nimbus 2000 with the 2.2 billion views he received for his Harry Potter stunt, but nonetheless, I was chuffed with my very modest achievement.

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Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world, affecting around 145,000 people in the UK alone. In the UK, around 1,800 of those living with Parkinson’s were diagnosed under the age of 50. Amongst other things, raising awareness helps educate others about the challenges faced by those of us living with the Parkinson’s, leading to a greater understanding of the condition.

A far cry from being viral, it may be but 10,000 views from readers in 67 countries around the world might just have contributed to this in some small way.

Thank you to those of you who read, comment, like and share these blogs.

3 thoughts on “It All Adds Up”

  1. As mentioned above, I have really enjoyed reading your blog. It’s amusing but at the same time positive and helpful, particularly for the example that you set on overcoming some of the challenges Parkinson’s brings.. I keep a paper copy of one of your blogs describing the impact of Parkinson’s which I show when I am asked how having Parkinson’s has affected my life.
    Now lastly your poor mum must be wondering what you are going to get up to following your adventures in the Alps!.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.


  2. You are a sensation in your own right – never forget that! I have learned so much from reading your blogs and following your amazing challenges, including those of your daily life. Well done, and thank you for sharing. Xx


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