Longest Day

With everyone feeling at least a little better, we set off with some optimism for our last day’s cycling. Optimism proved an essential component for our longest day in the saddle……

The Challenges of the Day

  • With different bikes, I struggled to clip into my cleats and should have guessed I would struggle to clip out! Yes, before leaving the resort carpark, I had fallen off. A bit battered and bruised but no major injuries, back to bike hire to fit my own pedals.
  • Despite wishing the strong winds would subside, when they did, we realised just how hot it really was!
  • We climbed 1513m, which felt a lot but is not even half of the climb of any day of The Raid Alpine Challenge!
  • Finding ourselves cycling on a motorway when clearly we should have been on the parallel, much quieter and safer road!
  • On our final 15 miles when we were (very) saddle sore and weary, we travelled for a few miles along the most uneven track where every bump added insult to our already very bruised and sore bottoms, arms, necks, hands…….
  • The last 5 miles, the winds reappeared making us have to pedal to get down the last hill home
  • After 115km, I couldn’t have done any more today

The Highlights

  • We learned by going at our own pace, we could all do long distances uphill, where the hairpin bends and elevations resembled those of The Alps – a great confidence booster
  • Great stops along the way
  • Great company and many laughs
  • It has been great to cycle with Ewan and he has well and truly proved himself to be a fabulous team member
  • We loved the ride and would do it again tomorrow if we could
  • We feel better prepared for the challenge
  • I am very well supported by The Cyclopath team
  • We are in the top fours spots of The Raid Alpine Strava Leaderboard (I know – it is only Monday and everyone else was at work!)

A brilliant but hard week’s training completed.

3 thoughts on “Longest Day”

  1. Whilst it is a luxury to be able to visit Lanzarote for a cycling training camp, I am sure we have all benefitted more that we thought from doing this. We have had a chance to meet and make friends with some of our colleagues who are taking on this huge challenge. We have experienced some similar conditions (although if the road surfaces are this good in the Alps I will be surprised). I think we can appreciate the benefit of kit and bikes a little more. We still feel daunted by the challenge, but a little less now, which is definitely a good thing. Looking forward to being even fitter and leaner in the summer.

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