Plan, What Plan?

The Plan

  • 9am start prompt – ‘No pfaffing’!
  • 160km route (100 miles)
  • 2300m climb
  • To complete within 8 hours
  • A few brief stops only
  • Cycle all day with the wider group

The Reality

  • 9.30am start
  • Lots of pfaffing (mainly me)
  • 80km route
  • 1454m climb
  • Completed within 10 hours
  • Long lunch stop and frequent other stops
  • Cycled for 20 minutes with the rest of the group

The Reason

At the first stop of the day, after an impressive climb, we met up with the wider team.

John looked ashen. We set off after our first stop and John’s ‘not feeling well’ rapidly developed into a full stomach upset. A few miles later, being sick, unable to tolerate any fluids, in the heat of the day, with no energy, we decided to stop at the next village so he could rest…..

Punctures to both tyres the same time for John, delayed our arrival at the next village. When we eventually arrived, he flaked out on a bench while the rest of us enjoyed a fabulous lunch.

With 35km home, none of us really imagined he could cycle it but in his usual determination that’s exactly what he did – and still faster than me! Kudos to John.

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