Raid Local Challenge

The Raid Local challenge is to cycle 137km and climb 3700m of hills on 28th June 2020, to raise awareness and funding for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust. This is a colossal challenge for the fittest of cyclists. 137km is hard enough but add in hills totalling nearly half the height of Everest in a single day and you might begin to appreciate the scale of the challenge!

Have we gone mad? Quite possibly!

Why 137km?

This was the distance we were due to cycle on our postponed Raid Alpine challenge starting from Geneva on 28th June 2020.

Why 3,700m Elevation?

This was the total elevation we were due to cycle in the Alps on that first day.

Why? Why? Why? Why?

Because throughout the winter, in the rain, cold, sleet, hailstones, wind and occasional pleasant days, we were out cycling up the hardest hills that Gloucestershire had to offer us to get fit enough for the challenge. We can’t let all that hard work go to waste!

Because The Cure Parkinson’s Trust supports vital research that provides hope for those of us living with Parkinson’s Disease, that there might one day be a treatment to slow, stop or reverse the progression of the disease. Parkinson’s disease hasn’t stopped its relentless progression during the lockdown!

Because it’s exactly five years since my diagnosis of Parkinson’s and I want to prove to myself that I can do it!

Until an effective treatment is found, exercise is the only thing that has been shown to slow down the progression of the disease. If ever I needed a reason to get up and get moving, this is it!

What Next?

Watch this space………..more details to follow soon………..

4 thoughts on “Raid Local Challenge”

  1. Love your determination and true grit Alison. Wishing you the best of luck on the day and I look forward to learning how you guys get on.


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