Again & Again

Hills, hills and more hills……

I sincerely hoped I’d eventually learn to love them by now but……I’m still waiting for this to happen! Gloucestershire hills can be unforgiving: steep, sharp turns, uneven surfaces, gravel, pot holes, flood water, debris, branches, narrow lanes, to name a few of the hazards. So despite trying, I’m finding it difficult to find the love.

I do love my bike and love cycling and give me a quiet country road, slightly undulating, good road surface, where I can pick up a bit of speed, when the sun is shining and that’s where I find the love!

But with 18 days to go until the Raid Local, there’s still a lot of hills to conquer! A new one for me today – Bear Hill, with a maximum gradient of 30%……..Oh and in case that doesn’t finished me off, a few other hills totalling !,000m of climb. And still nowhere near the 3,700m climb I need to do on the 28th June……..

Wish me luck!

I once read that ‘You can’t be sad while riding a bike’. I couldn’t agree more but I can’t find any evidence that ‘You can’t be absolutely knackered while riding a bike’!

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