An Occasion

On Monday, it will be exactly five years since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I’d prefer to let the day pass by without reference to this fact but the day is imprinted on my memory and there is no hope of Monday, coming and going without my acknowledging this.

So, how could I mark my five year anniversary? I could wrap myself up in a day of (justifiable) self pity or I could tackle a 100 mile cycle with friends. Let me think for a nanosecond. Of course, I’m going with the latter.

There will come a day when I won’t be able to cycle but today is not that day!

What better way to ‘celebrate’ than with a 100 mile cycle, with friends, sunshine forecast, lockdown easing, summertime, beautiful countryside, laughter, exercise, the great outdoors. No time for even a fleeting sense of self pity. My kind of day!

5 thoughts on “An Occasion”

  1.  Hi Alison, great blog today (‘An occasion’). On Sunday it’ll be eight years since my diagnosis and though it’s not an anniversary to break out the hats and hooters for, I do mark it and marvel that I’m here still, doing a lot of what I did eight years ago, having thought then that it was the end of the road for me. I’ve been taking part in the OPTIM PARK study and I’ve had a couple of really long conversations with the researcher (though not of the epic proportions of the Kyoto Irish Pub series) which have made me think that living with PD is not a disaster, but that it’s…strange. I looked up the that last word in a dictionary. As well as it meaning something odd and unusual it’s can also be curious and intriguing and the Waterboys’s song ‘Strange Boat’ encapsulates this perfectly. Hope all’s well with you. End of lockdown in sight! Best wishes, Paul Well Sent from my iPhone


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