A Day with a Difference

Today’s ride was always going to be a little different. I had arranged to meet with Will Cook, the CEO of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust, and Mike Tindall, a Patron of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust to do some hilly cycle training in preparation of the Raid Local which we are all taking part in.

It’s not every day, that I have the pleasure or pressure of cycling with the boss (best behaviour required), a sporting hero (best cycling required), having so many photos taken (best cycling gear required) and all during our socially distanced times (2m apart at all times required).

The rain and cold at the beginning of our ride ensured we were cold and wet before we even got on the road but the rain eased off soon after we set off to tackle those Cotswold hills. The pace was comfortable, the company was great. One advantage of being out with the boss and a patron of the charity was the invite from Charlie Ralph, the Chair of The Cure Parkinson’s Trust to visit his garden for homemade elderflower cordial and warm flapjacks. Given that there was a considerable hill to climb to get there, (you can’t get anywhere in the area without climbing a huge hill) this was a wonderful and very welcome first stop.

Great cycling some different hills. I had believed I had cycled every hill in Gloucestershire but apparently not! Great to help raise some publicity for the charity, great to clock up another 800m of climbing towards this week’s goal of 3,700m oh, and great to bump into Jamie Dornan in the car park as we finished our ride. Could he possibly be persuaded to join us for the Raid Local? If he doesn’t, it won’t be for the lack of us trying!

More training with these guys next week…….

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