Not So Easy!

The challenge, in reality, was not nearly as easy as I had dreamt it might be! (See Previous Blog) In reality, it took me a lot longer, it was a lot harder, my average power output was a lot lower and I didn’t see Rowan Atkinson at all!

My stats came in four parts:

  1. Until my Mio Battery Ran Out
  2. Until my Phone Battery Ran Out
  3. Until my Battery Ran Out
  4. The Final Push

Part 1

Nine times up and down Cleeve Hill from alternate sides, once up Castle Street (a killer!), three times up Stanway Hill and back to Cleeve Hill for a few more ascents. My Mio battery ran out after another three ascents of Cleeve Hill………

Part 2

Another twice up Cleeve Hill and my phone battery ran out……..

Part 3

Another 4.82km, light (and legs) fading, with winds of 34.5km/h, my battery finally ran out!

Part 4

The following morning, 553m short of the required ascent, with my legs screaming ‘No!’ and wind speeds of 36km/hr, with John’s support, I climbed Cleeve, Harp and Ham Hills to reach a total of 3,715m of climb. Mission accomplished!

In Total

168km cycled, 3,715m climbed, over 11 hours of cycling plus over 4 hours of stops for refreshments, refuelling, photos, chat, rest, recovery, shelter from rain, junctions, etc………

More detail to follow when I can muster the energy…………..

8 thoughts on “Not So Easy!”

  1. You are such an inspiration to so many. Your accomplishments are over the top.
    Take Care and Stay Safe…Sending love…..Audrey & Ray..♥️♥️

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  2. An incredibly remarkable achievement Alison, what an amazing lady you are! A MASSIVE well done to you and all your team.

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  3. 4 parts but one massive achievement. I am so pleased the enormous effort invested for this has paid off both physically but also in terms of donations to CPT. Very proud.

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  4. Alison, you are absolutely amazing, words cannot express how proud I am. Your efforts to raise money for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust are fantastic. Determination and willpower always at the ready. Sending love and congratulations 👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️


  5. Honoured to be part of it and to witness the determination and team spirit of a wonderful group of dedicated people.
    Alison…you are simply amazing!!


  6. Wow. I honestly have no idea how you did it. What an achievement. I couldn’t have managed the first hour never mind completing 11 hrs. How you managed to get on the bike the next day is beyond me. Congratulations to all your “cycle buddies”. I hope you teacher your charity target goal – you all deserve it for such an effort.


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