Back in the Saddle

Having successfully resisted all attempts to lure me onto the indoor turbo trainer over the winter months, as spring starts to bring a warmth that has been sorely missed, I don’t need much persuading to get out on my bike in the great outdoors again.

Tempted out on five of the past ten days, I thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting myself with the roads (and even the hills) of Gloucestershire, covering 170km including climbs totalling 1500m.

In typical British style, my cycle tan lines were kick started on a day when it was warm enough to venture out in shorts and in stark contrast, two days later, no amount of layers of winter kit were sufficient at keeping the cold at bay. However, the days are getting longer, with the promise of spring and summer stretching out over the next few months. It is the easing of lockdown restrictions over the next few week and the return to cycling with friends and an outdoor cafe stop that will make cycling regain its full appeal.

Image Source: ClipArt Library

There will of course be a cycle challenge this year but more about that later……….

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