Bemused & Confused!

As you know, memory is a concern for me. Nothing wrong with my memory this morning I thought smugly as I remembered to apply the correct HRT patch at the correct time, on the correct day of the week.

I am to apply one twice a week. For some reason, the process – one on, one off, always reminds of the famous ‘wax on, wax off’ scene from Karate Kid when Mr Miyagi is teaching Daniel. But, enough, maybe if I didn’t digress as much I would focus more and remember what I am supposed to be doing.

With ‘patch on’ going so well, I was feeling confident. My self congratulation was short lived however when at ‘patch off’ I discovered that I was wearing three of them!

Mr Miyage would have despaired and I don’t know whether to be more impressed that I consistently remember to put on my HRT patches or more dismayed that I consistently forget to take them off.

Image Source: ClipArt Library

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