Raid Alpine – Day 7

Guillestre to Jausier. Distance 42km. Elevation 1154m.

Our shortest day and we made the most of it. An early start saw the men powering up the hill by lunchtime whilst the girls took the same early start but a more leisurely approach. I’d like to say we did so from choice but my legs were on a go slow and compared with a very similar climb yesterday, today’s was a real slog. Balance was a problem for me again and I’m not sure if it’s vertigo, Parkinson’s, psychological or fatigue but I suspect it is an element of them all. Slow, very slow and steady was the only way up today but again we all achieved all 1200m climb and the rest enjoyed an exhilarating fast descent while I took the offer of a lift downhill in our support vehicle to save the terror of another descent where I’m terrified of going over the cliff edge.

Our support vehicle – The Campervan not the Lamborghini!

For the first time we had the opportunity to rest a little this afternoon, in preparation for an enormous amount of climbing tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Raid Alpine – Day 7”

  1. I agree with Jed, you are doing brilliantly – a fantastic achievement. No way could I ger anywhere near what you are doing.


  2. You are doing absolutely amazing Ali. You keep sounding like you are being tough on yourself but you have to remember 90% of your “fan base” would not make it up half way let me tell you – me included for sure! Keep going. Stay positive. Grab those sneaky breaks when you can.


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