Over the Hill

Cleeve hill boasts to be the highest point in Gloucestershire, indeed the highest of the Cotswold Hills. I was disappointed to learn after making the claim on several occasions, that from the highest point by road, there are a few hundred additional metres to climb to reach the actual highest point! Not manageable by road bike but not to be deterred, a wild and windy walk with a friend and our dogs, got me to the highest point in Gloucestershire this week!

Cleeve Hill has become my training ground for solo cycles. For the first time today, I cycled up over down the other side to Winchcome and turned round and did the reverse. My stats will provide the basis for assessing improvements in speed training both uphill and downhill – sincerely hoping that there are some in the next few months!

Not the Highest Point in Gloucestershire!

Source: Goggle Maps

The Highest Point in Gloucestershire!

Source: Trigpointing.uk

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